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We Are The Fastest Taxi Replacement Car Hire Company In The UK

Taxi claims and hire was established in 2009 we are provide replacement taxis in 1 hour any where in the Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and Sandwell region.

Taxi Claims and Hire
Taxi Claims and Hire


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Insurance brokers

We offer flexible tailor made solutions to the insurance industry as we understand how important it is for insurers and brokers to keep taxi drivers driving following an accident.

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Accident Management Company

We work with accident management companies across the country that regularly require taxi plated vehicles in the west midlands region. We offer a bespoke solution that enables both parties to remain in business.

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Taxi Bases / Uber / Ola & Ride Share

We are partnered up with several taxi bases over the last decade and they are always interested to look for new partners. We supply vehicles on demand and can insure drivers are back on road instantly after an accident as we totally understand the pressures of running/managing a taxi base.

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Taxi Drivers

Being located in the heart of Birmingham City centre has made it an ideal location for taxi drivers/Uber and bolt drivers to access our services after an accident. we understand the individual requirements of local licencing authorities. All our vehicles come fully licensed, plated and insured.

Taxi Claims and Hire


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If you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, you can file a non-fault car insurance claim. In such a scenario, the person who is responsible for the accident (known as the liable party) will be liable to cover the total cost of the claim. we will work towards recovering the costs from the liable party.

As a person who is involved in a non-fault claim you have the right to make a claim against the at fault party, you can claim for the damage caused to your vehicle, a replacement car if yours is not drivable, compensation for any personal injury that you may have sustained due to the accident. Loss of earnings if you have taken time of work along with care and assistance to help you recover from your injuries.

A taxi credit hire is an arrangement where the hirer provides the customer with a temporary replacement vehicle on a "credit" basis after a road traffic accident, usually in the case of a non-fault accident. This service is offered by Credit Hire Organizations (CHO), who cover the cost of the car hire while your vehicle is being repaired or until you receive payment for the total loss value of your car, in the event that it has been written off. The CHO will then claim the hire charges from the insurer of the party responsible for the accident.

Cash in lieu is an option offered by some insurance companies after a car accident, where they offer a cash settlement instead of repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle. This means that instead of the insurance company paying for the repairs or replacement of the vehicle, they offer the policyholder a sum of money instead. The policyholder can then use this money to repair or replace their vehicle as they see fit. The amount offered as cash in lieu is typically based on the estimated cost of repairs or replacement of the damaged vehicle, minus any applicable deductibles. The decision to accept cash in lieu is ultimately up to the policyholder and depends on their individual circumstances and preferences.

A total loss is a term used in the insurance industry to describe a situation where the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle exceeds its actual cash . In other words, the cost of repairing the vehicle would be more than what the vehicle is worth in its current condition. When a vehicle is declared a total loss, it means that the insurance company will not pay for the repairs and will instead offer a settlement based on the vehicle's cash value. This settlement amount may be used by the policyholder to purchase a replacement vehicle or to cover other expenses related to the loss of their vehicle. The determination of whether a vehicle is a total loss varies by state and insurance company, but generally, a total loss occurs when the cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage of the vehicle's cash value , such as 75% or 80%.

1: we take all your details with 1 quick and easy phone call
2: we will provide you with a replacement taxi
3: we will recover the vehicle damage money from the at fault insurance
Once you have bee paid we wil take back our hire car and recover our hire charges from the at fault insurance.

Your insurance company may declare your car as a total loss, also known as a write-off, for various reasons categorized as A, B, S, or N. Category A is when the vehicle has been burned out and only the shell is left, making it impossible to repair. Category B is when the vehicle has suffered structural damage that exceeds its market value or has been immersed in contaminated water. Categories A and B vehicles cannot go back on the road. Category S is when the repair cost exceeds the market value due to structural damage, while Category N is when the damage is non-structural but the repair cost exceeds the market value. If the insurer decides to handle the claim on a constructive total loss basis, it means that they will not exceed the market value of the vehicle when repairing it. For instance, if your car's market value is £1,000, and the insurer expects to get £300 from selling the salvaged parts, they will not spend more than £700 to repair the vehicle.

If your car is worth less, you can demand that your insurer repairs your vehicle or provides you with a cash settlement equivalent to its market value. You have the right to insist on your insurer repairing your vehicle because your contract of insurance covers you up to the market value, not a percentage of it. However, if the vehicle has any structural damage, it is advisable to walk away. Additionally, retaining a total loss vehicle comes with many limitations, such as a 20% decrease in value compared to a vehicle with no write-off marker. Moreover, you may need to present a certificate of destruction for the shell if you wish to retain it after removing the parts, and the insurer may not pay you until you do so.

If you want to keep the vehicle, your insurance company may ask for up to 30% of its market value for a Category N total loss and between 15%-26% of its market value for a Category S total loss. However, negotiating with the insurer is possible, and you can contact a professional to help with the process. It is advisable not to retain a Category B vehicle as it is a lot of hassle for little benefit. If you do retain and repair the vehicle, your insurance company may request an independent engineer report to ensure that the repairs were done correctly and safely before re-insuring it.

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Taxi claims and hire was formed in 2009 to specialise in taxi replacement vehicles for divers involved in a non-fault accident over the last 13 years we have gone from strength to strength. We pride ourselves in providing a diamond standard service with knowledge, expertise and experience that will directly benefit drivers who have been involved in an accident. We have over 165 vehicles in stock as of 2023 and have access to hundreds more. We give clients results thus why we have grown to be Birmingham’s biggest taxi replacement providers.


Typical example of the kind of credit hire taxis we provide following a accident


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All our vehicles are 2023 plate, fully licenced, taxi plated and fully insured. Our cars are hybrid nd automatic and we supply vehicles for Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Solihull, Sandwell, Walsall, Redditch, Coventry, Manchester and Cheshire plated.



we are rated Almost 5 star on google.


Ifitkhar Ahmad

Client Review
Had a accident in Dudley, my damage car was recovered from the scene and I was dropped of home. I have been given a brand new 22 plate replacement taxi as i am a uber driver. Very happy with this fast and efficient service. Going to recommend again.


Insurance Broker Client
My insurance company outsourced the hire from Taxi claims and hire after my non fault accident, as they had no electric vehicles available. The car provided was in great condition and they settled my claim in 18 days. My own car was sent to a local body shop and repairs were done in a few days. Alpha claims and hire made the whole process painless as a possible. Well done.

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Taxi Base
Excellent service as well as very fast and professional. I’ve had a fleet of taxis for the last 19 years and Taxi claims and hire are now responsible for all our bumps and replacement cars for my fleet of 65 vehicles. This is the best service I have received in the last 25 years in this business. I would recommend this company to any one.

Mansoor Ahmed

Excellent service for my previous accident. Now I have also recommended Taxi claims for my mates taxi accident. Very quick and always get paid cash for my damages
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